opens up research for men who have sex with men in the greater Pittsburgh area is a project of the PMRC (Pittsburgh Men Who Have Sex With Men Research Collaborative). The PMRC is made up of local research organizations who are focused on the advancement of research for gay and bisexual men, and other men who have sex with men in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Current studies listed on the site, along with the Pitt Men’s Study, are:

  • Project Gel – A study that investigates how comfortable male participants are with applying a gel inside their rectums before receptive anal intercourse as a means to prevent HIV infect.
  • M2M Project – An interaction-based intervention that focuses on substance use and sexual behaviors in regards to HIV and STD risk factors.
  • RAPP – A comprehensive, interactive online learning tool designed to educate men who have sex with men about the dangers of HIV.
  • Pitt Treatment Evaluation Unit Studies – Research dedicated to studying the newest treatment options available for people with HIV/AIDS.

For more information about any ot the studies, and about, you can visit their Website.

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