An important message for recipients of the SPECIAL PHARMACEUTICAL BENEFITS PROGRAM (SPBP) concerning the 2011 recertification period

The SPBG will mail recertification forms to currently enrolled clients. Clients will then have 30 days to complete and submit the forms for recertification in the program.

SPBP Recertification is occurring earlier this year and the time period to submit recertification forms will close earlier as well. Cancellation letters will be mailed on September 16, 2011 for individuals who do not respond to the recertification. The 30 day appeal period will close on October 17, 2011.

It is therefore imperative that cardholders respond within the identified timeframe, in order to avoid an interruption in enrollment status. Any interruption in enrollment status will result in the inability to qualify for the expanded income criteria for program eligibility.

Note that the SPBP requires a minimum of three business days to process Recertification Forms. When it is necessary to provide additional supporting documentation of required information, an additional three business day processing period applies. Also, this recertification applies to people who have commercial coverage or Medicare and use SPBP for co-pays.

Please allow at least seven business days before calling the SPBP Customer Service Line, toll free at 1-800-922-9384, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., to inquire regarding the status of a Recertification. You may also contact the SPBP staff by email at:

If you haven’t received the recertification form in the mail, you can download the form and the instructions from this Website.

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