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“Living with HIV/AIDS: 22 works from gay artists”

“Body Parts Male” by Fred Q.

From CBS News:

What’s it like to have HIV/AIDS? Activists around the world raised awareness about the disease on Dec. 1, World AIDS Day – but only patients themselves can truly express what it’s like to live with the disease. The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art is currently hosting an exhibit, “Art & AIDS: 30 years,” in collaboration with Gay Mens’ Health Crisis. The collection features work from weekly therapeutic classes at GMHC.

Read more and view some of the art on display:

It’s World AIDS Day – So what’s happening in the fight against HIV and AIDS?

Anthony Silvestre, Ph.D.

A frank discussion with the Pitt Men’s Study co-investigator, Dr. Anthony Silvestre:

“The battle against AIDS has produced effective prevention interventions that can help people change their unsafe sexual and drug-using behaviors, and effective treatments to keep people who are infected relatively healthy over the long run. However, the war against AIDS is stagnant. The institutional changes that are necessary to stop AIDS, and to prevent the outbreak of other sexually transmitted diseases, have not occurred. Our professional schools, funders of research, our churches and our educational systems have made precious few changes in how they do business. As a society, we have failed to integrate healthy views about sexuality into our everyday lives. We continue to treat it as the stuff of snickering adolescence or of slick merchandizing.

Clearly, there have been major advances in treatment and the prevention of AIDS. There have been few changes in the attitudes that stigmatize the at-risk populations, and that keep us from maturely responding to sexual-health matters in our schools and universities and other major institutions.”

You can read the full interview at Pittsburgh City Paper Online.