Dr. Anthony Silvestre 2/26/1946 – 9/1/2022

From QBurgh

Dr. Anthony SilvestreDr. Anthony Silvestre, the long-time co-investigator at Pitt Men’s Study researching HIV/AIDS, passed away peacefully Thursday morning at his home in Vermont where he lived with his husband Michael Sutherland for the past five years. Dr. Silvestre’s research with the Pitt Men’s Study impacted countless in the LGBTQ Community not only in Pittsburgh but around the world.

“We are very saddened by the news of Tony’s passing,” said Pitt Men’s Study Principal Investigator Dr. Charles Rinaldo. “Tony was with us from the beginning in 1984 and was the lifeblood of the Pitt Men’s Study. His calm yet forthright dedication and lifelong commitment to the Pitt Men’s Study is truly admirable. He brought a passion and inclusiveness to his job that helped shape the Study to what it is today. Indeed, the success of our study over its 40 years is largely based on Tony’s outstanding leadership. As my colleague for all these years but most importantly as my friend, he will be missed.”

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